“When an interest is aroused in any town or city, that interest should be followed up. The place should be thoroughly worked, until a humble house of worship stands as a sign, a memorial of God’s Sabbath a light amid moral darkness. These memorials are to stand in many places as witness to the truth. God in his mercy has provided that the messengers of the gospel shall go to all countries, tongues, and people, until the standard of truth shall be established in all the parts of the inhabited world. Whenever a company of believers is raised up, a house of worship should be built. Let not the workers leave the place without accomplishing this. In many places where the message has been preached, those who have accepted it are in limited circumstances, and can do but little toward securing advantages that would give character to the work. Often this renders it difficult to extend the work. As persons become interested in the truth, they are told by the ministers of other churches,-and these words are echoed by the church-members, -‘these people have no church, and you have no place of worship. You are a small company, poor and unlearned. In a short time the minister will go away, and the interest will die down. Then you will give up all these new ideas which you have received.’ Can we suppose that this will not bring strong temptation to those who see the reasons of our faith and are convicted by the Spirit of God in regard to present truth? It has to be repeated, that from a small beginning large interest may grow. If wisdom and sanctified judgment and skillful generalship are manifested by us in building up the interests of our Redeemer’s kingdom, we shall do all in our power to assure the people of the stability of our work. Humble sanctuaries will be erected, where those who accept the truth may find a place to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. [Ellen G. White, “Gospel Workers, 431”]

Early History
1. Ministry began in 2012 when 16 people from the US were invited to go on a mission trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo for two weeks. D R Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world where most people live with less than $ 1 a day and common people spend 80% of their earnings in food. The mission trip was focused on free medical evangelism. Over 3,000 people came for free clinics and dental care. The team noticed handicapped people using their hands to walk without chair wells. Money was donated to buy sewing machines and local people volunteered to train handicapped people in sewing industry. This work is still growing and has included even widows as well as single mothers. As the students graduate they are given sewing machines to start a business so they can sustain their needs setting them free from begging on streets.
The team decided to establish a nonprofit organization to better serve people in need to become self-reliable. Train Them 2 Fish was born with the mission of sharing the love of God by addressing poverty form its roots by empowering people for the future, spiritually and physically through an all-inclusive education and support.

2. Growth and Development
In 2014 Train Them 2 Fish, TT2F in short, was registered as a US based Nonprofit. By November of 2014 a Congo Chapter of TT2F was also recorded among Faith based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in D R Congo. Since August 2015, Train Them 2 Fish became a member of Outpost Centers International (OCI) an umbrella Organization for Supporting Ministries of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in good standing around the world. 2016 TT2F became a US based 501 C3 Nonprofit. TT2F is a member of Adventist Laymen Service and Industries (ASI.) The Vision of Train Them 2 Fish is to build a world with spiritual, healthy-minded and self-reliable people in the French Speaking Countries of Africa and beyond. Our Principle is that true charity teaches others to help themselves.
Train Them 2 Fish is involved in health education, free medical clinics, sewing industry, and micro finance especially with disadvantaged women, care and support for disadvantaged kids, and Bible Workers medical missionary training and support. Train Them 2 Fish organizes at least one mission trip to Africa every year.
Thank you for being part of Train Them 2 Fish with your Talents, Giving and Prayers