Mr. Akongo used to be an evangelist for local Baptist Church. He went to attend an evangelistic meeting in Kimpese in the Central Kongo Province. After the meetings, he decided to become an Adventist. In 2014 he was baptized. The mission didn’t have money to sponsor him until TT2F with a training program for lay pastors in 2016. The field sent him to our training center and 1 month after the training he was sent to Songololo where there was no Adventist presence by the time Akongo was sent there. This is near the Angola border. He started making friends, and later did Bible studies. Within 5 months he has 23 members in the SDA church to worship. 6 of them are ready to be baptized.   TT2F gave him seed funds and he is progressing to be self -supporting.  He purchased a motorcycle and uses it to earn money 10.6 $ each day, while other Congolese live with 1$/day. With 6 months he purchased another motor bike this doubled his income to 21.2 $ per day. We are praying for brother Akongo to become well -grounded tent maker evangelist and for the small congregation to increase in membership.

A One –Day church is needed for this small congregation.