In 2012, a volunteer missionary from the US went to the city of Bukavu, a major city in Eastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo for an evangelistic campaign. He was assigned to Bisengimana to speak for 2 weeks. 50 church members from different areas came to assist him to plant the seed of the Gospel at Bisengimana where there was no Adventist presence before the campaign. After 2 weeks of hard work 18 people were baptized. A Bible Worker named Apollinaire was assigned to nurture those new believers for their spiritual growth. Train Them 2 Fish provided funds to rent a worship place for them. The Bible Worker started to study the Bible with them and to train them how to share their new faith with others. From that small beginning the Bisengimana congregation has grown up to 158 church members by June of 2017.


From June 10 to June 17, 2017, Apollinaire held an evangelistic series and 28 more people were baptized. The membership is now 186 church members. Their greatest need is a property so the church members can build their own church.