John Fiba is the leader for Train Them 2 Fish to oversee the other Bible Workers in the City of Kinshasa, Congo.   He believes that the ministry of Train Them 2 Fish came to Kinshasa in God’s time. After training by TT2F, I was called to serve to Maluku, one of Kinshasa’s town area and 80 Kilometers from the City center.   He says that he sees the power of the Holy Spirit in all conversations when we study the Bible with someone. He trains people to have a garden in his Agriculture project

John met a businessman and purchased one shirt from him. John promised the Businessman to return another day for more shopping and he did it. The Businessman realized that John is an honest person. The Businessman was curious to know more about John. John introduced himself as an Adventist Evangelist. The Businessman wanted to know more about the Adventist church. John offered to give him Bible studies and truth and the man asked him why he should go to church on Sabbath and John quoted “if you love Me keep My commandments.” The Businessman is much interested in Bible Studies as they have been studying once every week.   He needs our prayers.