In July 2010, Mr. Sangu Sangwa K. Léon-Paul , the Train Them 2 Fish (TT2F) Bible teacher today, was arrested and imprisoned at Makala, the central prison in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. His sister had taken money from 20 prospective tenants for six apartments that were available. Since she was incapable of paying back the money, the burden was unjustly transferred to Mr. Sangu.

Mr. Sangu spent two years and five months in prison. All this while, he joined elder Meschak (who was already in prison) in the task of giving bible studies to prisoners. After his liberation, he continued to come and help Elder Meschack.

Later on, in 2013, Honorable Nzangi (Member of Parliament) was also imprisoned at Makala. He also joined hands with Elder Mescchak and Mr. Sangu.  Thanks to the work of these three people, the number of believers increased and the SDA church organized baptism ceremonies at prison. And thanks to Honorable Nzangi’s influence, the SDA people purchased a plot for the construction of the SDA church in the prison yard. In the meantime, TT2F DR Congo had employed Mr Sangu as a Bible teacher at Makala prison.

Despite the threats from people who want to dispossess the church of the plot, ADRA – D.R. Congo has already estimated that with $35,000.- we can build an SDA church at prison. We have already collected about $10,000.- so far, and we continue to invite people to bring their contributions, even the smallest ones.

The most urgent needs for work at prison are, firstly, the construction of the church at prison and, secondly, the purchase of materials for the communion service (the details and prices of which are given in the provisional budget for 2015).

Please keep praying that the Lord allow us to implement these projects and that the prison Director does not give the plot for the construction of the SDA church to our enemies who will certainly bribe him with large sums of money. And if the Holy Spirit can talk to some of the people who will read this, please let them give their contribution through TT2F international. This will be of great value to the salvation of souls at Makala prison in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.