Summer has come and gone very quickly.  We had booths at campmeeting and at the General Conference Session, where we met many of you.  The Holy Spirit is working in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the need is great in this poorest country in the world.  Train Them 2 Fish is including some humanitarian assistance along with evangelism in the South Kivu Mission.  Now is the time to take the gospel to unreached areas, which has just begun.  People are finding hope as they learn about God and His love for them.  It is our aim to show them compassion as Jesus did during His ministry on earth.

Over the past 3 years the church membership has grown, as shown below.

(2012 to 2015)

In South Kivu Mission:

Churches from 168 to 194, increase of 26 churches

Companies from 50 to 72, Increase of 22

Members increase from 15,490 to 24,509, increase of 9,019


In the city of Bukavu:

Churches from 3 to 6, increase of 3

Companies from 3 to 5, increase of 2

Members from 390 to 1,350, increase of 960

The retention of newly baptized members over the last 3 years is very high due to the work of the Holy Spirit and the 12 Bible Workers continuing to nurture them.


Sewing project is going well with 3 graduated sewing students having independent businesses and 9 are working as groups at 2 sewing centers.

22 Orphans are being sponsored by TT2F

ADRA Belgium has helped financially with this project


The model of retaining new members is spreading because Bible Workers and the Holy Spirit are nurturing these new members and this is the reason for the high retention rate.  This echoes from Pentecost. These are all new members, as in the days of the apostles when they were carrying the gospel to other cities.  The new members are on fire for God, spreading the gospel in their villages.  Some of the new members start new companies of believers.  An evangelistic campaign was held in the northern part of DRC and one of the pastors from Bukavu was invited to participate.  At the end of the campaign, there were 1,000 people baptized.  The pastor who organized this campaign had heard of the bible workers in Bukavu and how they continue to work with the new members following the baptism and the retention rate is so high, that he has now asked for 4 Bible workers to work for 5 months with these new believers. There is a great need for bible workers as the church grows in all of DR Congo.


Photo from Northern Congo, baptism of 1,000

Newly Baptized Members


Future Project

Due to the need of more bible workers, our next project is to start a school of evangelism in the Western part of Congo where the need is great. There are many areas in this part of the country that are un-reached and the people do not know Jesus.   There are a large number of people in the French speaking countries in Central Africa who have not had the privilege of hearing about Jesus.  The goal is to train many bible workers and send them to these surrounding countries.



Bible Workers stipend $90/month

Rental of meeting sites for Bible studies, church services, with the bible workers – $70/month

Bibles for the new believer $10/each

School of evangelism project


In closing, here is a recent account of a new believer and his wife and daughter


The True Church Revealed by a Dream


Mr. Kusimwa lives in a village in the Eastern part of DR Congo and had been attending a church for many years, but he was not satisfied with the message that the church was teaching.  He had been asking God to connect him with the true church, if there is one.  One night after he went to bed and was sound asleep, he had a dream and in the dream he was told to go to Bukavu and he would find the true church.  He believed the revelation was from God.

He followed the instructions from his dream and went to Bukavu and one evening he was listening to the Adventist FM radio station and heard a sermon about the true church.  After the message the speaker gave his phone number and Mr. Kusimwa called the speaker and gave him his home address.  Then the speaker from the radio station passed Mr. Kusimwa’s address to a Bible worker. After 4 months of Bible studies, he was baptized with his wife and daughter.  They are now members of a small congregation, supported by Train Them 2 Fish.


From left to right photo of Bible worker, Mr. and Mrs. Kusimwa, and daughter 2nd from right

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Mission Trip to Kinshasa 2016:

July 2016 (definite dates to be provided later)

If you are interested in this mission trip, please email me with the following information

  1. Pastor’s name and contact information where your membership is
  2. What is your interest: speak (preach), children’s meetings, health lectures
  3. There is a possibility for medical work, you may add that to your email with your professional skills.
  4. Send to with any questions you may have.
  5. Karolyn Leonard, CEO TT2F, Phone 828-551-7172