87-year-old Fideli shifted stiffly in her chair and watched the familiar figure of her daughter approach under the searing afternoon sun.

She was born into a country where 49% of children die under the age of five. Adult life expectancy is under age 60, thus Fideli’s lengthy years placed her in the category of a respected elder. But even for those who did survive persistent malaria, contaminated drinking water, and a host of other health hazards, life was not without challenges.

“Mamma, I have something for you.” Fideli’s daughter broke the silence, clutching a piece of paper in her hand. “A group of people are coming to our village of Kimvula. They are offering us medical care for free!”

With a slight tremble, the little woman’s hand grasped the flier. “Do these people pray?”

“They do Mamma, they do.”

Fideli nodded slightly, and then slowly straightened from her chair. “It sounds like Jesus and His disciples have arrived then to heal us. I’ve been waiting, and I must go and see Him.”

“How can you be so sure?” her daughter asked curiously.

Fideli paused. “You know that I was born and raised in our traditional African religion. I have never been to a Christian church, and I have no idea what Jesus looks like. But I met someone years ago who told me about Him. I heard that He is a good man. He has disciples who go from village to village, healing the sick for free. You know that we don’t have money for me to go to the hospital,” she reminded.

The younger woman nodded. “I know that you’ve wanted to see a doctor for a long time now.”

“I’ve been waiting for Jesus to visit Kimvula and heal me instead,” Fideli stated simply. “And now that He is here, let us go.”

Fideli arrived at the mobile clinic and shuffled up to a crowd, centered around a man who spoke of Jesus’ love. He finished the morning devotional with a prayer.

With this added assurance that she had found the right place, the elderly woman was kindly welcomed and led to a physician. She received the medical treatment that she had needed.

Although her physical need had been met, Fideli felt a persistent draw to the place in the village where Train Them 2 Fish ministered.

The following morning, Fideli’s chair by her house sat empty. A mass of listening villagers parted ways as the determined woman stepped closer to hear the morning message and prayer session. As it ended, she approached the speaker.

“Where is Jesus?” she asked. “I want to see Him.”

“Mamma,” the man responded softly. “Jesus is in heaven. He left to prepare a place for you there.”

Fideli blinked, processing the meaning of his words.

The man continued. “He sent us here to do His work and to prepare people to meet Jesus when He comes back. He wants to take us to heaven where there will be no sickness, suffering, poverty, or death.”

Fideli’s determination never wavered as her eyes met his. “What can I do to be among the people who Jesus comes for, when He returns?”

“Give your life to Jesus,” the man’s eyes sparkled with conviction. “Listen to His Word, and be baptized.”

Fideli said that she would, and the following Sabbath she joined 18 others in baptism.

Two weeks later, Fideli passed away in the blessed hope of the Second Coming, knowing that soon she would see Jesus face to face.

Until the day of His return, Christ’s modern-day disciples continue to minister from village to village, where many wait and wonder when Jesus will visit them – just like Fideli.