Anaclet was encouraged to work with Train Them 2 Fish to learn to do Bible studies. He was raised in an SDA home but he didn’t want to do Bible studies, he is very good with technical needs. He decided to go to the 1st training in Kinshasa just as a technical assistant and not pay attention to giving Bible studies.

At the end of the training, Anaclet thought he was getting by with just doing technical support but there was a name on the list of people who attended but his name was missing. He reluctantly did his part in presentations and took the place of the missing speaker with starting to give Bible studies. He believed God called him to this work and he, with God’s help, grew a new congregation and he now goes every Sabbath afternoon to visit missing people and to invite others come to church and giving Bible studies. Many of the people he meets are very interested in why he worships on Sabbath and why he closes his business on Sabbath.

To support himself, he uses the “seed planting – tent maker” where TT2F give each Bible worker a certain amount of money to begin a small business and on the 2 free days that he has. He is selling nice cellphones now. Anaclet is giving Bible Studies to 17 People and 5 of them have accepted Jesus, they are waiting to be baptized. Anaclet is looking for a worship place at Bahumbu area in Kinshasa to plant a new Congregation with the new believers.